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5 Years From Now

25. 6. 2006
Artist: Mike Jones f/ Lil' Bran
Album: Who is Mike Jones?
Song: 5 Years From Now

[Mike Jones]
Syeah! Mike Jones! WHO? Mike Jones!
Where will I be at, five years from nowwwwwww {*sirens blaring*}
Five years from nowwwwwww
Five years from nowwwwwww

[Chorus: Lil' Bran]
Where would I go, who would I see in - five years from nowwwwwww
Tell me how will I live, will I raise some kids yeah - five years from nowwwwwww
Will I be locked down or will I be underground yeah - five years from nowwwwwww
Tell me what my future hold, it scares me not to know
what I'ma be doin - five years from nowwwwwww

[Mike Jones]
I live life daily, scared to make babies
It's hard to plan your future when the world goin crazy
Kids with no food, who can they turn to
beside they own people, I swear this world evil
They see us on TV, they thinkin we should be
The main ones providin for our community
But the government is paid, dishin out minimum wage
They don't care about the streets, as long as they get paid
My advice is please vote, don't take it as a joke
Cause five years from now the world could be gone in smoke
Now everybody's gone, cause they ain't stand strong
And vote for a leader that can lead our country home
We got people in Iraq, tell me why they cain't come home
If you care about your future please listen to the song
We got people in Iraq, tell me why they cain't come home
If you care about your future please listen to the song


[Mike Jones]
I think about my homies, I think about my momma
I think about what's goin on I think about the drama
I think about the world, I think about my life
Five years from now, will I have me a wife?
Will I have me some kids, tell me how will I live
Will I be doin wrong or will I live positive
Will I live to get a Grammy or will I be with my granny
Five years from now, I don't think you understand me
I'm tryin to hold on, tryin to stay strong
It's hard not knowin what's really goin on
But I try to maintain, keep my head in the game
When shit ain't lookin too good, I pray for better thangs
I keep the Lord on my side, 'til the day I die
Will I blow up big? I don't know but I'll try
I keep the Lord on my side, 'til the day I die
Will I blow up big? I don't know but I'll try


[Mike Jones]
How could you think about the future when the world goin crazy
Kids havin kids, they too young to make babies
I'm livin in the world so sheisty and shady... Mike Jones, Jones
Five years from now will I be dead, boxed up
Or in the pen for ten like a con, locked up
Tell me how would I live, will I have me some kids?
Will I blow up big in showbiz, five years from now


[Lil' Bran]
Where would I go.. where would I stay..
Five years from now
It scares me not to know, it scares me not to knowwww - yeah

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